Whether you want a composite or a wood deck, let our professionals at LoBosco Decks & Porches guide you through the process of picking materials, design, and construction. With local satisfaction, our beautiful decks are sure to be the best addition to your home.
A wood deck is one of the more inexpensive and quick deck additions you can choose. Even on the hottest days, a wood deck will remain cool under the foot. Even on the hottest day, heat will be absorbed and evenly distributed so that you and your family can lounge around without the fear of burning your feet. With the right stain, we can give you a deck completely unique to all of your neighbors.
Our composite decking has quickly become the most popular decking options within the last dozen years. It is an environmentally friendly lumber substitute that combines wood fiber and plastic. It is the most weather resistant and low maintenance option available. Our experts at LoBosco Decks & Porches all agree that a composite deck construction is the best option if your planning on staying in your home for a while as well as if you’re looking to sell, seeing that it has a good monetary retention value.
So no matter the deck, our honest, licensed, and bonded tradesmens at LoBosco Decks & Porches can construct any deck in an orderly amount of time at a competitive price, So give us a call today for your free quote in Gloucester County, and all surrounding areas.


If your deck seems a little off, resurfacing may be the fix as opposed to replacing the entire deck. As well as being more cost effective than a full reconstruction, our team's resurfacing methods offer a wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishes. The knowledge and experience our team has will help when it comes to determining how much damage your deck has and how to remedy it. With years of collective experience, our team at LoBosco Decks & Porches will produce the premium results for your deck and you, so contact us today for a free consultation for Camden, NJ, and encompassing areas.

Porch Building & Framing

LoBosco Decks & Porches is your locally known deck contractor, here to build and frame your next deck project at an affordable rate in a punctual fashion. Your porch protects you and your guests from the weather as you are waiting to get inside your home. It can be simple, elaborate, or detailed, but in any case a porch is fundamentally built into the existing structure of the house, extending the footprint of your home and increasing your property’s value. Porches are often covered spaces, being utilized as a social center to watch over your kids at play or meet passing neighbors. An active front porch can also discourage criminal activity since you are able to hear and see what is happening throughout the neighborhood. So if you’re ready to start on your dream porch project, contact our friendly team at LoBosco Decks & Porches today for Salem, NJ, and all nearby areas.


While we are locally known for our decks and porches but also offer a wide variety of gazebos. They can be a functional way to extend your outdoor living space and be a pleasant area to protect your family from the elements. They are the perfect coverage for your hot tub, outdoor grill, or dining area. When working with us our team will first help decide the structures main function, and from there we can decide on materials and installation process. Electricity and other accessories can be added to any gazebo to turn it into a true outdoor living space. Book your next gazebo building services with us today for Atlantic City, NJ, and start using your backyard more.

Enclosed Screen Porches

Bring the outdoors inside with our customized enclosed screen porches. Your enclosed patio is the ideal place to enjoy a summer evening, but bugs and inclement weather can put a dent in your plans. We can transform your porch into an enclosed area so to extend it from a livable space into a usable space. Our vetted experts have the experience and knowledge to transform, create, or build and enclosed porch you’ve been dreaming of. Whether it be simple or elaborate, our team will work with you today to decide which materials, accents, and methods are best for your porch project. If you’re ready to start utilizing your outdoor space today, call our friendly team at LoBosco Decks & Porches today for Ocean County, NJ, and the surrounding cities.

Custom Deck Borders

Adding unique features to your deck can help add a personal touch to your new outdoor living space. Custom deck borders can make your backyard truly spectacular. By working with our skilled team at LoBosco Decks & Porches on a custom deck border project, you can expect to add value and visual appeal to your entire home. Your deck is a connective space between your home and your yard so it is important to keep that in mind when figuring out which design or materials will be utilized. A home’s deck is a place for your family and friends to gather, and the border design is the beautiful frame to it all. For a deck that is unlike any other in the neighborhood, call our team for your free custom deck border evaluation in Cumberland, NJ, and all nearby towns.